Partnering with the most promising Ohio companies

The Ohio Innovation Fund has been an invaluable partner. From board and management building to scaling the business to future product roadmap, their input and impact is positive and meaningful.

- Neill Lane, CEO Global Cooling

Who we are

The Ohio Innovation Fund provides venture capital and expertise to enable early-stage Ohio companies to grow and prosper. OIF is committed to retaining the best and brightest in Ohio, and supports the creation of the next generation of groundbreaking technologies, companies, and industries.

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Our Successes


Partners have invested in/been board members of companies that have generated multiple IPO’s and $100 million plus acquisitions.


We select our investments from the top 5 to 10% of all Ohio emerging growth companies.

Capitol Leverage

Over $11 in capital is co-invested for every $1 invested by OIF. A majority of which comes from investment firms based outside of Ohio.

Companies Met

We look to help Ohio companies through meetings, introductions, referrals, and general advising. Our experience is a resource regardless of whether or not we invest.

The Ohio Innovation Fund has been instrumental to our success, providing both specific help in terms of customer introductions and industry advisors as well as general guidance in growing our business.

- Rick Arlow, CEO Complion